Our addiction to Windex is over!

Our addiction to Windex is over!

Our addiction to Windex is over!

If only I had a litre of champagne for every litre of Windex we have ever used during the average yohm interior install or even in my own home, I’d have enough for a champagne bath!

My illusions about ‘Windex’ and all those other seemingly ‘essential’ cleaning products were recently shattered when we at yohm hosted an enjo (www.enjo.com.au) demonstration and witnessed first hand all that built up cleaning product residue being removed from all the surfaces in the office and in my home with a simple microfiber cloth dipped in only WATER!

The surfaces we had assumed were very clean, were layered with films of product overload especially the windows, shower glass, mirrors, and computer screens.
Not only did we use to use a bottle of Windex a month around the office alone, but we went through no less than 8 rolls of paper towel per month applying it to every surface we desired to clean.

How could a cloth without a product really clean? The technology is in the quality of the enjo fibres and the fibres per inch. An enjo cloth is a cloth made up of thousands of tiny millifibres. The fibres do the cleaning without requiring you to use any cleaning product whatsoever, just WATER. These cloths are very different to your average microfibre cloth from say Bunnings.

The cloths are colour coded into rooms of the home i.e. green are kitchen cloths, yellow are bathroom cloths, blue are body cloths etc. This avoids using the cloth you cleaned your toilet with on your kitchen sink! (Smart).

The fibres are activated by water so nice wet cloths will clean better than a semi damp one.

The enjo way of doing things is generally a two part system (two cloths to clean):

a) to put some elbow grease in and lift the grime with a wet fibre
b) dry off the surface (buff and polish) with a follow up dry fibre

Simply rinse the enjo wet cloth in grapefruit foam to refresh it between washing machine washes.

Depending on what you have cleaned you can get 2-3 days from an enjo by rinsing it well after each use. Be quick to get fat out of the fibres with the grapefruit spray.

If you have just cleaned the bathroom or nappy change obviously your enjo goes straight in the wash after you rinse it.

The home and office have never been cleaner. We are feeling great about preserving the health of ourselves and our the environment by finally pulling away from the use of cleaning products and we’re saving money!

Get amongst the change www.enjo.com.au